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It’s been the Indian tradition that women should stay at home and do household chores, handle the family. Very less in Indian women are appreciated to go to work even if women leave her home she is doing against her family for herself, the family thinks she is selfish and does not care about anybody. Most of the husbands ask their wives to stay home because they are earning enough to feed the family and also create a sense of fear that the environment outside is not safe for them. But the real reason is if women start earning more than wife it will hurt the male ego of the man they will get less importance in the family eventually. There are a lot of women who wanted to do something but can’t because of cultural and social barriers. If society says women are unsafe outside she is equally unsafe at home. Women did not get a single day off for themselves she has to be on duty 24×7. Some women’s grow up seeing their moms at home doing all housework she also accepts it easily, women need to step out if she wants to follow her dreams it always difficulty in starting but after some time will also understand and accept. It just a matter of taking that first step. According to this year’s economic survey report, 60% of women at the productive age of 15-59 are engaged with household work. More than half of the women is a housewife. We need to change these figures by educating our girls and companies need to hire more women. the company also need to make sure that there is safety at the workplace so women would not drop the company