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Girls’ self-esteem, ambition, and expectations are the first victims of gender stereotypes. Therefore, eradicating clichés and their associated behaviors should be a priority for any society and should begin in schools. Gender Stereotypes are created by people only and by discriminating women with some of the other topics and comparisons between genders. A gender stereotype is therefore harmful when it limits the capacity of women and men to develop their personal attributes or professional skills and to make decisions about their lives and plans.
Stereotype refers to the cognition aspect of feeling towards a given group of people. It is the picture that most people engulf in their minds about other people. However, the picture painted by people with regard to other people is not necessarily a true depiction of reality. Gender stereotypes affect girls around the world regardless of their country’s level of development and are encouraged by society at large, from parents to teachers. Not only at home, but the surroundings and each place she is, has to face gender inequality and discrimination, and many more. The way she dresses, speaks, behaves, works are all the things people assume and judge women, and somewhere it leads to misogyny.
Still, we see many people comparing a woman to another woman, may it be in education, work, qualities, and if she speaks for herself then also it’s said women should not speak much in this matter and do what’s accepted. There are many laws and acts and non-government organizations too coming forward and bringing awareness. Gender stereotypes should be stopped, it makes a woman feel looked down on in her own society and family too. All are equal if consider each has its own capacity and we are all humans after all, so consider everyone rightly and respectfully.