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simran arora
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It is not surprising to notice that beauty standards do not limit to any one section of society. The first thought in my mind is the stereotyped appearance of both the sexes in society. One may say that appearance does not matter, but I think it is all that matters. Whether it is a beauty award or a marriage union, either side is expected to look presentable. Some other examples could be a man with a well-built structure to be favored above a healthy or slightly fat man.

In India, the traditional society favors slim women with long hair but no facial hair. A woman’s eyebrow should be perfect, and there should be no scars over the face. One can say that the features of any sex are the epitome of beauty. Let’s say this ideal to perfect eyebrows is going on forever. You must have remembered that when Kajol, the Bengali artist stepped into Bollywood, her eyebrows were not shaped. People around her might not have questioned it, but the audience did raise their opinion in different ways.

Though plus-sized models are applauded for their work, the same scenario does not work inside the household. Any fat or healthy woman has the pressure to reduce her weight, especially if she wants to marry. Here, the idea of acceptance becomes difficult. Also, it is ironic to notice that if one wants acceptance, society’s standards must be obliged. Almost every institution participates in this quest.

The contradiction in Indian society begins with the clothes one chooses to wear and continues with the figure one carries. If we go beyond, it goes on with skin color, the size of the eyes or forehead, the ideal beauty of long hands, and so many endless things. People may refuse to be part of racism, but we all play a role by passing comments on several people.

The work-out tradition has a profound impact on the male section of society; as soon as one enters the diagram of college, one eager to go to the gym for peer acceptance and less for a healthy lifestyle. Both men and women should fix their curves like the scars from an accident. You must have heard of the backlash one faces in the cinema industry. There have been many actors who had to reduce their weight before participating in social activities. The soul has not reached the remark of beauty because appearance still matters.

The sad reality is that all beauty standards begin within the four walls of the home. It is the place where you receive most criticism, lead by judgment. Here, the family tries to fix the wrongs in you, like an object for public display. It is disheartening to grow up in an atmosphere covered with hypocrisy disguised as love and care.