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Manpreet Singh
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Although it is a very welcome and plause worthy step, we must ask this question to ourselves first, has our society and our mindset truly evolved? Will we let the brave women work in peace and not question their choices on a daily basis? The answer would a reassuring and a big no! There are many powerful women who have taken up unconventional(by gender roles standard) jobs like bus conductor/driver, locomotive driver, auto-rickshaw driver, etc, and are proud of their choices. But they have to bear those condescending and patronizing looks and comments from the opposite gender on a daily basis, the looks which are scared of their privilege being taken away, the privilege which should not have been given to any gender from the beginning.
Society is constantly evolving towards modernization and gender roles and gender stereotypes are dissolving very quickly. But there is still a part of the society which is resisting the change. We must look to the fact that these changes are very healthy for society. They are making our women more independent and productive members of society. They are not only looking at themselves but bringing prosperity to the home. It’s a true win-win situation for everyone, then why do we question their choices by stating the logic that they don’t fit the job just because they are women? More and more parents should encourage their daughters to take up these vocational roles as employment is anyway low. These extra options can make society better.
To all the men who are not comfortable with this, they must be made realized that this kind of mentality has no place in present times. Also, the government should make the working places safer for women because in such an unconventional job, they are an easy target for the criminal element.