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Feminism is the belief that women should be allowed the same right, power, and opportunities as men and treated in the same way. The word feminism has a different meaning to go through so what it was considered in ancient and now differs in many ways.
Issues with feminism may be domestic abuse, education, gender discrimination, and sexism, etc. Still, these issues are seen but not at that same level like ancient times, it has evolved with changing times, due to encouraging trends. Now people are more genuine and aware of issues and how to resolve them. Now that the internet and information revolution is helping women form communities and networks, giving them a bigger voice and tools to organize themselves, forge partnerships and demand their rights.
Feminism in India was seen in three phases; the first phase in the mid-19th century during that time reformers began to speak in favor of women’s’s rights by making different reforms in education, customs related to women. The second phase during 1915 which was women’s movement into quit India movement and women’s organization began to emerge. The third phase focused on fair treatment of women at home after marriage and in the workforce. Despite the progress made by Indian feminist movements, women living in modern India still face many issues of discrimination. Issues like marriage, clothing, less voting rights, etc were seen in ancient times.
Now that time has changed, people are more educated and aware of rights, so present-day regarding these issues has been reduced and supporting feminism and women empowerment.