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Apoorva Pathak
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Since ancient times we have seen women are often discriminated against and are facing isolationism such as they are denied of reading Vedas, not allowed to speak and write in Sanskrit, etc. Gender Inequality always persisted and still continuous. Women are consisted polluted and sometimes denied even to enter temples such as the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. This prejudice is created by a male-dominated society to establish their superiority. We have seen that even in some family having a female child is considered a bad omen which leads to female foeticide particularly in a rural areas such as Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab.
Misogyny is created by spreading hatred for female figure, their ideas, even in dresses, etc. Misogyny sometimes links with politics where male leaders try to destroy the image of the female contestant. If a woman is working in the office with male members she is considered to characterless and disobeys by her colleagues.
Even after in enactment of so many laws, orders and articles we have seen that women are not considered a part of society. some times in a male-dominated society is not allowed to raise her voice against injustice. She has to obey everyone and has to stay inside the four walls of her house. It has not only inculcated social evil in the society such as Rape, eve-teasing, domestic violence, and soon.
Gender stereotype creates the feeling of weakness in women they start themselves considering as salves of the male figure. They even develop low- self-esteem, depression, suicidal tendency and many more. We can only fight this immoral character if women are educated, have support from others, speaking up against odd. Feeling equal is everyone’s right and this not only harnesses the feeling of self-confidence but also creates a new human inside oneself.