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Manpreet Singh
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The false beauty standards are definitely a toxic thing that has prevailed n our society for a long time. Since the beginning, there is this pressure on the women that either they should be good looking up to a particular standard, must have a fair skin tone, be of good height, etc or they won’t be accepted as a good candidate for marriages and jobs. With the advent f social media, the pressure has surmounted so many times that it has made the lives of many girls unbearable and a mess.
The problem lies in our thinking and the gender stereotypes which put peer pressure that women should be fair. With multimillion brands like fair and lovely, thriving upon this fear for god know how many decades, what can we expect then? Now the evil of social media has started flaunting these so-called social media influencers who are dictation the lives of many teenage girls by showing them fakeness and how to be a slave of these things. The problem doesn’t end here, the false beauty standard has been a long requirement for a perfect job and marriage opportunity. So many talented girls are left behind just because they could confirm the false beauty standard.
The side effects of these false beauty standards are rising day by day. It is causing mental health issues, self-esteem issues, driving girls to suicide, and whatnot. With so many problems that this notion has brought to us? Isn’t it the right time to through it out or discard the notion? We have to wake up from slumber and see what the reality is. We have to rise above these beauty standards and accept the real person and see what real talent that person has to offer. This is a one-step towards equality and we must support it.