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I feel that Proposal A is the best option for women. Regardless of age and gender, both men and women should have equal opportunities, combat roles being one of them. It is true that women are seen as the weaker sex and are considered incapable of doing anything like this. But, to the women who are capable and eager to fight for their country, who are we to stop them?

The number one problem of today is the attitudes people might have of women having combat roles. They think that women can’t do the “hard things” men can in the army, although it has been shown in many cases that they can do what men can and they can do it even better. They say that they’re just looking out for the women but what they’re doing is speaking over women. If women want to be in the army, it is their choice entirely. Let them go through the selection process. We are judging people before they can even show us what they’re capable of. And that is wrong. They do not have the same standards for men. Men get injured in combat, why aren’t they considered weak?

We need to set aside our attitudes and give equal opportunities to men and women. We are basing this on the assumption that women are weaker even though we’re yet to see how capable they are. Gender equality should be present in our lives.