Apoorva Pathak
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Politics and parliament are essential parts to make good governance in every country. If we see this, we will find that the environment of these to is changing now towards gender equality more participation of women in political activities and contesting the election in the different region making their idea and contributing in the world’s progress. If we look at the U.S. senate we will find that there is a historical rise in women participation the even U.K also has a large number of women participation in the general election. Argentina becomes the first country to have a gender quota law in 1991. Even in India panchayat act 1992, it has allowed reservation of 50% women representation but it is worth full? In reality, women in rural India are uneducated they are not much well aware of these acts and working.
We will also find that in our parliament there is no reservation of women still because of politics which cause because male dominance even after the bill was passed in Lok Sabha it is still not passed in Rajya Sabha. We also find that globally is at 103 ranks among 141 ranks while in Asia it at 13th position among 18 rank list. Although we have provisions in our constitution in which our leaders strongly focus on the upliftment of women’s society.
Albeit we have crossed many hurdles for the participation of women in politics are still many more to go. We will also find that in many developing countries women are coming up and these countries have changed their economic and social status.
Women are not only capable of understanding things in a better way but also look into them from a different point of view. If we want to build a better world, we have to work on Ethics which can only be achieved by “leaving no one behind”.