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According to me, proposal A will be valid, it purely depends on the applicant’s qualification for the roles and not the gender to get into any field like politics or combat or any such thing. Many of them think women can’t be eligible or capable for this role because it may require physical capability and according to some women don’t possess it, but who said that only men can possess that quality and not women? There’s no such thing if they are given training and proper education in that field, they can also be fit for that role too.
How does it matter if the applicant is a man or a woman as long as he/she possesses the necessary qualities? It’s scientifically proven that women are more mentally tough than men and hence are better able to deal with stress. As far as physical strength is concerned, women can be very well trained. And as such in we are in the 21st century so fighting with weapons is not like the ancient times, now technology is moreover used and women are also competent in technology and are as good as men.
We should also understand that men’s in this role doesn’t mean they are superior and women are inferior, what’s more, vital is skills, qualities, mindset, talent for being in combat roles. There are examples of women officers in our army; Lt Col. Mitali Madhumita, was awarded the Sena Medal and thus becoming the only lady army officer to get a Gallantry Award for her act of valor in Kabul in 2011, Lt. General (Mrs.) Punita Arora of the Army Medical Core is the first Woman Lt. General of the Indian Army.
So, change can be brought because women also feel like doing something for the country and people in the country. There may many questions that arises when women want to opt for this role but change can be brought, it’s important for progress. We need to understand that changes can’t happen overnight but can happen slowly with each little effort and right attitude.