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Yes, women are capable of becoming leaders if they get the right opportunity, support from the people. To become successful leaders women must have the qualities of influence, managing people, getting work done, dedication, achieving goals. Women need to be opinionated, strong, and passionate about their work. Women are always good listeners, cool-minded as compare to men’s, women are multi-tasking it comes naturally to them. Higher education also important for women becoming it makes them more confident about what other people are talking about, know how to deal with other people. But the main difficulty that women face is family she has to also look after family even if she wants to give her person 100 percent but she fails, also the cultural barriers. women have to make a perfect balance between their work life and personal life in leadership EQ i.e. emotional quotient is as important as intelligent quotient. A good leader also cares about employees’ emotions and problems it’s equally important to have caring nature towards the employees. Competence is also a key component of leadership. Women have to compete with other leaders and prove themselves and having a good network with the people is also important it helps when a company or organization is going through a big problem. Creativity a leader’s responsibility to make the vision into reality for that leader’s creative mindset is very important. People always say communication is very important to maintain any relationship, women are very good at communication and maintaining the relationship so it also adds to their leadership qualities. A woman as a leader should also have her own principles and values which she follows it makes her character more strong and trustworthy to the people. Every organization must give promotion to women at senior level to make them lead from the front so the women can also prove themselves by becoming the leader. Please give chance to make a woman a leader so she can influence other women.
Leadership is influence-John C Maxwell