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Yash Tiwari
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As a society, we seem to think that there is a certain dress code that women ought to follow. The seemingly latent reason behind this must be that this code is following the fundamentals of our religion. Indian culture dictates certain rules for dressing up and therefore, it is respectful for women to not flaunt their bodies. We all crave acceptance. We want to be liked and loved by others. But the truth is, nobody’s going to be accepted by everyone everywhere – at all times.

`Women are judged for the way they look all the time. From stepping out of their homes to giving interviews, women are subjected to this scrutiny about the way they dress. Since when did dressing up become a crime? It is funny that we criticize fashion designers for producing clothes that show off the female body or even make them look sexy but we also kill them for not producing the clothes that hide it.

Is there a protocol for dressing when you go out? What is the right length of one’s skirt? What color are your nails? Many people believe that a woman should dress modestly, but what exactly does modesty mean? Since most of us would find it difficult to define modesty with precision, we tend to fall back on our definitions. It’s interesting how some people have defined ‘modesty’ concerning their religion.

Often, we see this kind of intelligence as a stereotype for women who are considered less intelligent. Society always arranges women to be inferior because of their looks and dress sizes. It’s never been a secret that women are judged by their looks and what people consider is appropriate. The reason it should not matter is that women are more important than looks. Or, judging someone based on their looks rather than who they are inside is just wrong. Women are continuously put down and made fun of for their appearance, but there’s only one person to blame here. Women who allow others to make them feel uncomfortable because of their clothing or size need to stand up for themselves. It may be hard, but you have to. People are going to judge you no matter what, so you should learn to make your own decisions and stand up for yourself.

Is it OK to judge women based on their dress size? No, it’s not! Dressing up or wearing clothes is a matter of personal choice; we should not discriminate against anyone for wearing a certain size. A person’s worth is not judged by their looks! A woman’s choice to wear clothing that is tight-fitting, revealing, or sexy is her right. Society has always had an unhealthy perception of women and their bodies. Conversely, it can be changed, one step at a time.