Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” —Warren Bennis
According to the Oxford Dictionary, a leader is “a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.” A leader is someone who can put forward their vision to help their team excel. A leader should not only demotivating but also be empathetic towards his/her team. In recent times women are more privileged than their female ancestors. There are some points that a person should keep in mind to become a successful leader: Confidence, empathy, integrity, honesty, creativity, emotional intelligence and self-awareness.
For a woman to become a leader there are usually more obstacles; cultural obstacles, imposed gender roles etcetera. In this time and age, it would not be wrong to say that the perspective of women is needed to lead the world. To be successful you should have a blend of feminine and masculine personalities. Women can become good leaders if they have access to proper education. With proper education, women have become opinionated and are more aware of their rights and duties. Society should become more accepting towards women which will help them pursue their careers without obstacles. They can become good leaders by not compromising and always being unique. She can become a good leader by being rational, being able to multitask, have good communication skills and be able to take a crisis in stride. A leader should acknowledge her employees, reward them for their success and empathize with them on their failures. A good Leader should inspire people to be better and to do better. They should focus on cooperation and not be manipulative. There are numerous reasons why a woman can make a better leader which includes: they can balance work and life, by nature they are nurturing and good listeners.
“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”- Sheryl Sandberg