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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Rape is an offence. So whether it is done by a stranger or husband, forcing women to have sexual intercourse without her permission is a crime . We all know that the supreme court has made unwilling intercourse between husband and wife above 15 years of age an exception under the Section 375 of IPC and its wife’s so-called duty to have her husband forced onto her. If law and society is on their page what else can a woman say?
So practically law itself has given them the license that after marriage you can do whatever they please and enter however and whenever they want.
Women are never told to fight back and expected to endure the things . It’s very easy to say that it’s okay for a husband to force his wife in bed and it’s the wife’s duty to fulfill his every desire but do they think about women’s feelings? Do after marriage their body is owned by their husbands ?
The problem is men are taught that a woman after marriage is a thing stamped under their name and it’s a property and they can treat them however they please and women are not taught to fight back as according to society every woman goes through this and that’s okay. Even if they want to report they can only request protection under the case of domestic violence. It’s sad that marriages are routed with these things rather than to be routed with love and respect. Even mamy sex eductors constantly emphasized on the importance of consent of both the partners when it came to sexual intercourse yet there are people who don’t care whether woman is willing or not.Still we hope that someday India would be a better place to live.