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“The size of a girl’s dress indicates how her character is” ….“See how big clothes she has wear ”……“See this, the civilization of today’s girl’s looks like this” …… these are the comments that all girl has to face and has listen if she were small clothes .
“No one has right to judge a woman because of their dress size” .It is a girl’s decision as to what kind of clothes she should wear . I do not understand why people have such a belief that if the girl’s clothes are short then her values will also be spoiled by how we can check her until we talk to her, Yes if the person in front doesn’t talk well with us , then we can say that his values are not good, but how can we compare clothes with values ? If a woman wears a sari, her waist is visible , then her values is not seen there. At that time, we will say that it is the rites of the girl . But then if the same girl comes in the shots then she is value less .All of this is a misconception of society, a group has been formed to promote this notion .This team harasses girls who wear short clothes, forcing them to wear salwar suits to their school and college. Recently I saw a video of Taapsee and Rannvijay on Instagram ,The boy commented on Tapti’s Instagram photos and wrote that you are spoiling the society, correct your clothes, , what kind of picture you have put , and I don’t know what dirty things were written there. That boy used such dirty language over there and then he was saying that I am working for the society because Taapsee made a mistake, he respects her because of this, to improve her, that she will wear such clothes Do not wear and do not put pictures like this. One such video was of Rannvijay and a girl in which a boy used very wrong words on that girl’s Instagram comment box and said that your clothes reveal your house to your character in your home. This shows how your character is and says that if something happened to you in the future, don’t you say that it was not my fault .
If a girl is raped, then people say that this girl was raped because of clothes , she wearing short clothes, then tell me one thing why a little girl is raped ? why a 45 -year-old woman is raped? People will always keep saying something or make short clothes excuse. People’s thinking can never be corrected and if we start thinking with people’s thinking, then our life will stop .Parents also should not Interrupt , how to dress, it is up to a girl to decide in which clothes she is comfortable . It seems to me that those people who comment on the clothes of girls are kind of jealous of those girls because they themselves nothing to show up , so they also Discharge the girl’s . These people never be able to move forward and not allow anyone else to grow.
People think girls wear short dresses to attract them. They think if the girl is showing her cleavage, it’s to attract them but please guy’s, do not misunderstand all the girls. Girls do this for themselves for their own happiness and for you all . A girl’s clothes do not show her character. Yes, but your thinking tells what kind of character you have .Even in Twenty First Century what kind of lousy vile and vile thinking is yours. Even though her clothes are small but her thinking is big and you are walking with little thinking even after wearing full clothes.