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“Want a fair, educated, young woman, accustomed to all kind of household chores for marriage”-
Yes, yes, it’s just what you think. Approx each and every newspaper contains that stuff. Obviously not in tinder, but in reality most of the family wants a perfect educated homely wife who is gonna preserve their family.
Rushing out, shouting around that’s what boys do, you are a woman. Try to be more generous, more sofisticate and obviously no need to go out from home.
That’s what they said.
Even we can see it in some of our own family that our brother is always allowed to rushing out, playing, jumping, enjoying every bit of life he had but no, sister is to be someone who cares for everyone in family, cook, stay calm, do household chores and if somehow she proposed to play outside, she is usually advised to keep between household, play with other members who are apparently busy with their jobs or maximum can be allowed to go to some friends home.
Breaking glasses, being naughty suits for a boy, but you are a sweet girl, you can’t unlish that little playful mind of yours.
Yes, I know that being in such an age, where women are not only going outside but also they’re earning medals for country, it looks like a fur more than nonsense but believe me, it is what it is.
Women empowerment, maybe happening, but sorry to say it’s still an illusion. Yes some of us are doing great but what about that maximum percentage of women who are stuck between home? Does everyone need to be an athlete, a cricketer,a table tennis champ just to enjoy a little bit of freedom?
Without rapes and crimes, there’s still some taboo is going on in our society and one of that is how we want our girls to be homely.
Why do we do that? Ever ask yourself?
Ok, let me clear, there’s not maybe some particular reason.
It can be,entire country being a crime location, women may not be feeling safe
Or maybe they are concealed by patriarchal illness.
But why our society wants to be them homely?
Whatever the reasons are, we’re the same member of that nasty society who continuously want to conceal women for their own selfish purpose. As being a patriarchal society, men must not be blamed, then somebody must be tortured? Here comes women. They are constantly suppressed within that four walls by those rootless desires.
There’s another point of satisfying male ego as they can’t tolerate their women independent. As independence give births to raise voice, having opinion, all over not being under them. Thus they love to keep their women homely.
And above all of these, who doesn’t want a caring wife, mother, sister, daughter-in-law to be always there to enact just after hearing orders.Though not to mention, it has to be women, not a son, brother. As it’s easier to suppress them. Right m
This sick mentality is constraining deliberately our girls to explore themselves. They are learning day by day from their mother, another woman that we ought to be homely to make it a good everything.
But just when can we think about everyone as human who is not to be suppressed within walls? When women empowerment will come to reality?