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I don’t know why but always a woman has to stand in a criteria levels set by society . A society always have certain expectations from a woman. It is like if woman should be beautiful it should be tall slim fit with perfect curves and perfect waist she should have beauty bone .I can’t even imagine that you can set an extender for Look Beauty.
People say that she should look like it or should walk like this, but they do not know how all these things are affecting others minds. Body shaming is very common in India and hearing these things of people again and again, many people get so much disturbed by it. Due to this, many girls take big steps like dieting, which makes a opposite on their body. Due to dieting, their body does not get the nutritional fair they want and they become weak due to which they do not lose weight but they suffer from dizziness and many diseases.
But why should we follow the standard set by someone else .If a girl is capable of herself then why do people set the beauty standard for her and why the girl stands on that .Society should not judge a girls according to their beauty standards. This standards should be like , how the girl puts her point in front of the society , by the way she speaks, is she a capable person or not? Is she can stand in front of today’s men dominance, this should be the standard. The society which and there expectation, no one has been able to stand up to her beauty standards till date because their expectations are changing with people, there will no any girl who would have liked everyone. They see some or the other deficiency in them, but we all need to understand this, but people do not understand this and keep harassing themselves to meet these standards . They juggle with themselves and harass their own body for so called satisfaction of people , because of this many girl are victim of many different diseases.
Every single girl is beautiful, beauty comes from the mind, not from the face, it is clear how clean the human mind is, and the people who set these standards are the only people who look most dirty .A girl does not need a certificate from society for , how beautiful she is.