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anshika agarwal
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Definitely yes! Sexism among teenagers is a real thing. Sexism starts at the time of birth of a baby. When it’s a baby boy it’s the blessing fpr the family but when it’s a baby girl it becomes a curse.
Girls are told by the society that they are made for growing long hairs, having beautiful physique and should wear pink because it’s a girl’s favorite color. They should do makeups to look beautiful because their all time work is to look beautiful. Have you ever seen the reactions of society when a boy does makeup? Society calls him crazy and consider him a guy from LGBTQ community. But when a girl does so, it’s fine because it’s made up for girls only. When a girl gets her hair bobbed. She is considered to look bad because girls should have long hairs.
When a girl wear pants and shirts she is considered to like a boy. Because society has also set the dresses for a girl and a boy. All teens face these issues and it’s quite common.