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anshika agarwal
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Home is the best place for everyone. But according to society it should be followed by women only. Because men had said this only for women.
Indian women are expected to be homely because they can’t see a woman who is bold, confident, independent and has strong view point. Because this patriarchy society consider women as a symbol of weakness. Women are called selfish when they choose career over family. But when they sacrifice it for family nobody even notice it. In the eyes of society women’s work is to live at home, cook food for family and take care of child.
If a woman went out she will meet another women who can make her bold, confident and strong like her and society don’t want to see a women being strong. They can’t have a view point in the discussions of family talks. They are made for doing household chores.
At the time of marriage women is asked whether she knows how to cook food or not. Why men’s are not asked this type of question? Why it can’t asked whether she knows how to drive or not?
Women are considered to be the laxmi of house, but society doesn’t let a woman earn that laxmi. She can’t be a good business woman.