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anshika agarwal
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The answer would be a big “NO”. Women can wear anything they want and of any size. It’s there personal choice. No one can judge her by her dress.
We are living in a patriarchy society which said women looks beautiful in saree. Why? Because it is covered from everywhere. She can look beautiful in every dress she wears. A girl who had been raped by men is judged in the society by passing some irrelevant comments like because she wears short dresses that’s why this happened to her. It gives a shock to a woman, seriously any dress can lead to being her raped, she doesn’t give any kind of invitation. And if it’s as per society norms then why girls who wear suits are raped? Muslim women wear Burkhas which cover their whole body then why they are raped?
Women wearing backless dresses are judged by showing their body and they are shameless. Women wearing suits and sarees are considered to be “sanskari” by the society. It’s her life , her will ,her body who are you to comment on her. Let her live her life as she wants. Go girl and wear whatever you wish to. Let them judge you . It shouldn’t bother you. You know you are right at your place
This is a patriarchy society who can bring a fault in whatever women does.