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I agree with purpose A. There are not many women in politics as compared to men. There is a reservation for the seat of women but beyond that, no women are coming forward. Somewhere women still have the fear of raising voice even if some women try to come forward they don’t get support from the people, also warning from superior parties they would be molested also rape threat. That’s why it’s very difficult for women to survive, there should be a serious investigation on political leaders. Women’s situation will not improve if our country has educated women leaders. Our India needs more great women leaders like mother Teresa, Sushma Swaraj, Nirmala Sitaram Pratibha Tai Patil, smriti Iran many more great women which brought massive change. Nowadays young women don’t only want to go into politics because they think they have less knowledge, it’s a very tough battle for women to fight. We need a safer environment for women to come forward. When leadership opportunities arise women need to be motivated and encouraged by their family and society. According to statistics, only one woman from the district is standing in the election this is a condition. I think there should be an equal number of seats for women and men. According to reports, women receive fewer votes than men. If there will be fewer women we will continue to see violence against women, gender equality. Even if there are women MPs in parliament their opinion should be appreciated by other members and equal opportunities should be given to them. Primarily if some women come forward for standing in the election and other women should give to them. The government needs to create awareness among rural areas to come forward and make them participate, also needs to educate women about politics by conducting seminars that gather the interest and encouraged the women to take part.
‘’We need women at all level, including top to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.’’-Sheryl Sandberg