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There is no such beauty standards basically beauty is not only look fair or having perfect features. Beauty is something that should be both inside out. There should be no comparison between skin colour everybody has different skin type that does mean that they are not beautiful beauty is something that should be inside then only it come out with glamorous. That means helping others having good things in mind for everyone. Inner beauty is more important than physical appearance. We all know that commercials always show comparison between fair and black or it could be slim or fat this thinking has to change because of these type of commercials many people gets influenced that they are not beautiful they think in such a way that beauty is something to look fair or slim or having great features. This type of commercials should not get support of audience they should make such commercials that people get motivated and have confidence in themselves. And people should also stop to point out the flaws all the time. Important think is everyone is beautiful in there own way. God has created everyone different. We should accept whatever we have and be confident enough to show your beauty with brain. Anyone can imagine that women you suffered from acid attack how they are strong and confident enough to show they beauty inside out. They are not afraid of bad comments they make themselves strong and take all negative in a positive way. It shows that they has no fear of anybody and it shows that how they love themselves first. If they can show what is beauty standards mean than normal people should be more confident enough to show there inside beautiful soul. The only think is love yourself than everyone will you inner beauty is more important than outer.