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People always say that from old time that house chores are only women’s duty. They believe that men are not meant to do house chores. As we know that at old time parents used to teach all house chores at very small age. They make sure there girl child do all the house work. In villages people used to do child marriages because of that girl child has to do all the work alone for the family. This is absolutely wrong always people think women should do all the house chores. There is no equality between men and women if they taught women house chores duty then they should make sure that men also should know all they house chores duty. It is not necessary that women should do all the house chores it only there duty. They also has right to do job been independent all the work should be done equally rather it brother or sisters, husband or wife, etc. There should no comparison between men and women house chores duty is responsibility of the family members not only women’s. They should always help women in house work . They will never ask for help but say it one time and do there help everyday you see the happiness in there face for helping and caring for them. There should be understand between both of them men and women in their family to divide the house chores it will be easy for both. It is not easy for women to work 24/7 alone. They should get help from there family members and not only this people should change there mindset that women’s are made to do house chores they should taught there children from very small age that men and women are equal to do house chores duty. They should also taught boys house chores duty. People should maintain the equality between men and women.