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“A woman should be decent, responsible, and dedicated towards her house” that’s what they say and expect women to be. Women should spend more time for their house, family and should work upon making them happy is what people say a decent women is like or how a “homely” women is. For ages we know how women have been treated, now when they’re trying to work for their dreams, they have to face some conditions for that, which includes to be a homely woman, to commit to their house. A late night partying women, a “much more dedicated to her work” women are basically according to this indian society are considered to be irresponsible and non-decent and are not respected as much just because she is not as much of a homely person, a woman in this society earns respect only when she is more into her homely concerns than any other thing in this world. Basically, this is another way of judging women to make them feel guilty about being a strong and independent. This mentality of the society sucks humanity out of it.
But although the women today are so strong that they continue to be the one following their dreams rather listening to the society’s lame judgements. That’s what is inspiring about being a woman.