Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Sexism & Patriarchy Is it right to judge women because of their dress size? Reply To: Is it right to judge women because of their dress size?

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Look, how’s she dressing up!
Oh geez, doesn’t have any dressing sense.
This tiny length dress! And again in a community full of men!
What a whore she’s.
Must want to get raped.
A mother and still wearing shorts! Have some shame!
Doesn’t suits you.
Don’t wear those, it attracts(whispering)
What a transparent, could even come naked too…
And so on…
What is these all about, are you asking?
These are the taglines or you can say that back bitching which are gasping into women’s ear every day.
Yes, they are such used to it, that women have gained antibodies against them. Oh! You’re suggestion not ‘antibodies’ I guess, but what are they without a mere disease?
No they don’t have to wait for adulthood to learn these much, according to our society this is one of the upbringing manners which we should teach our girls. And to everyone who asks why women take long to get ready, they have to think every single probability of not being a whore who dresses up to seduce or not being an ugly who is not taught about reputation.
Yes, it’s depressing and it gets more of it day by say.
So, why does everyone focus on it? For make it safe for women? Yes, they said.
I protest with a big NO.
To each individual who are constantly questioning about length of dress, can you please say, what’s wrong with that 11 month old’s dress up that her own uncle who raped her? Or her tiny adorable legs were seducing him?
A properly dressed vet, continuously trying to help pets, but can’t get to live because the most dangerous of animal species, humans abusively raped her?
Hathara, that small village girl. What did she wore to manipulate?
What’s wrong with that each and every girl who dressed up according to you and still got raped? Have you an answer?Oh you must be thinking of some other causes like being a girl is itself a sin, right?
Her dresses were never to be blamed.
This one question is so frustrating, that woman often even start to blame themselves for getting assault. They forget their own confidence broken for the constant reminder of society that blame should be always yours.
And why does they do it?
As we are human, we ought to detect a guilty for every crime. Now, in a patriarchal society, men can’t be blamed. So we have to find the weaker one to wield the blame, that’s all. And just how much women will admit it that there’s wrong with them, people are going to suppress all humanity and blame them over and over again. So it’s never wrong with choices of women.
If there’s any problem, then it’s with your ill mentality not dress.