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Apoorva Pathak
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Domestic Violence is one of the evil truths since our past. If we look children mind are very innocent what they see around them either they react like that or they start developing hatred towards it because small memories leave big scares. Probably if children are exposed to an uneven or unsuited environment they develop these conditions. 10 Out of 6 children across the world are suffering some or other form of violence.
If we look into the issue of domestic violence is not only happens with women but sometimes children also. Even if the Indian parliament has passed the act of domestic violence 2005 but still cases of domestic violence are increasing. One main cause of domestic violence is education as these crimes usually occur in the rural region where women are usually uneducated and they believe and also taught by the elder that women are born to serve and not to oppose elder (especially husbands). This feeling of superiority within the male is boosted within the family and these values are inculcated within children during that period.
The domestic violence effect may lead to the feeling of loneliness among children, they sometimes turn against mother or father or have ambivalent regarding parents, develop of negative core or sometimes engage in drug abuse and so on.
Parents who are divorced their children sometimes develop the feeling of detest of marriage or becoming a parent in the future. Children are the future of this world and we need to protect them from this evil.
UNICEF is one of the international organizations whose main focus is to bring out children from different parts of the world from all the evil practices and bring their minds into the capacity to produce well. We should start focusing on the future as this will enhance goodwill among children and divert their energies into a better way.