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Talking about the earlier times, marriages have always been considered a sin to the women, where it was all a burden of responsibilities to the women, indirectly it was meant to babysit grown men, endure the tortures, and do everything for everyone’s happiness but their own. By the time changed, most women are now evolved to live a life on their own, the meaning of marriage has now somewhere changed to equality where both men and women are bound to be equally responsible of whatever decisions they make, whatever they do, marriages are now something where there’s a couple’s choice to live it whatever way they like, with the consent of both the spouses equally. But, far away from the people managing to work on marriages equally, with equality, there are still some people with minute mindset still considering women to be the one carrying more responsibilities, and doing what suits her families the best. There are still loopholes, when we talk about marriages, but there exists change somewhere which can eventually lead to more change. But the change that exists today in terms of equality is because of the education and people’s willingness to see a better world with equality.