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Clothes don’t define anyone’s personality, behavior, or work what actually defines is how you think and how you act. The fact that people are judging women because what they wear doesn’t fit someone else’s idea of ‘acceptance’ and this seems to be a widely seen scenario. Many might have experienced this, at some point of age, or some environment, and so on.
It’s not at all right to judge a woman according to her dress code, she can wear whatever, however, and whenever she wants to but in the end, she wears what is told her to wear, and wears what’s acceptable in her surroundings because what people will say is the main thing or question arises while dressing.
People have many things and words to say, their opinions are never-ending things, If you wear a full-body covered dress they’ll say that this girl or woman is so acceptable and dresses very greatly but if she wears a skirt or ripped jeans, they’ll comment like slutty or revealing. So, this shouldn’t be thought of by people because they wear clothes which they are comfortable in. Not only does this hurt the women that are being shamed but are surely inappropriate. If this is a practice that society continues to see as perfectly fine and acceptable, that means that it’s never going to stop. And every time listening to people somewhere makes that women lose her confidence too. Here’s an example; a woman dressing in a skirt and blazers at the office is acceptable because she is in the office dress code but if another woman wears this dress code she’s not accepted and people keep on commenting
A woman doesn’t wear any cloth to grab attention or show off something, she wears what’s comfortable and all appropriate to her at that time. Judging women for their clothes choice is a downright harmful practice, it should be stopped and people should not define someone just because of what she wears!! Let’s allow her to wear what she wants to instead of assuming it’s showing off. It’ll make a better place for all.