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We all want to travel here and there . As we all have experience that Indian family doesn’t allow women to travel alone all or mile with friends too .The simplest reason behind this is travelling in India is very unsafe here we are not going to discuss about the capabilities of women a woman is very capable in herself but when it Tiger face group of Tigers he may also feel afraid .We are still talking about women .
A state like Rajasthan famous for it’s tourism .Rajasthan is very famous for its historical palace, people come from very far to visit it, but some people misuse these forts . according to the data of NCRB, Rajasthan is the worst state for women with a staggering 295 per cent rise in the reported rape cases in the last 10 years. While the state reported 1,519 rape cases in 2009, it went up to 5,997 cases in 2019 – a four-time increase . Kerala is the second poor performer on this list. The state has reported 1,455 more cases in the last 10 years. The third most hostile state for women in India is its capital – Delhi – with a three-fold increase in the cases over the 10-year period. This is the metropolis where people go to visit with the mind of traveling or for some work, Delhi and Mumbai which people go for work.
Parents in India prevent their daughters from traveling at night, because there are many accidents with girls at night . We all must have heard about the Delhi rape case, that day the girl was going out with her friend at night and climbed into a public bus and we all know what happened to her in that public bus. Cab services like nowadays are available in many other ways and there is a lot of danger in this too many times people take the wrong advantage by misbehaving a girl to be alone by telling them that this is a shortcut.
These are the few cases, due to which people not allow women to travel alone in India because it is very unsafe for them.