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Women are sadly not equal in this country; it is shown even before birth. After finding out the sex of the baby and if by any chance it is a girl child, abortion is undergone in certain areas. It is illegal but is unfortunately very prevalent even today. It is not to be confused with female infanticide which is the killing of the girl child after giving birth found mostly in Asian countries.
Women are often considered a pain even before birth. People prefer boy children because they feel that they will be easier to take care of. Boys were also usually considered to be the sole successor of all the family’s property but there is no reason why a girl can’t do this as well. Even after birth, the child is often neglected because she isn’t a boy.
This results in misogyny, because they feel women can’t do things that men can although it shows that they can and they do even better in situations.
The population of men is bigger than the population of women because of female infanticide and foeticide. Women have to abort their child because of family pressure which often leads to depression.
But today, many are getting more educated on this topic. Many are speaking out and although it still occurs, it is less prevalent than before.
I want to live in a world where young girls and women aren’t considered to be weak or inferior in any way. We deserve our rights. We deserve equality.