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Manpreet Singh
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The answer would be a simple no. No amount of proper dress in scan deny the fact that most of the crimes that happen in the women are due to the screwed mentality of man and that therefore believe that it is OK to harass them to commit a crime against them to need to be changed. if that was the case, then there should have been no crime against women where dresses like burqa are compulsory, there would have been no crime against women or girl child who is at at the extreme ends of the age. I don’t know why it is so hard to make people realize that it is the mentality and the intention of a person that is the driving force behind the crime. We cannot simply blame the victim for instigating or inviting the criminal to commit the said crime. By that flawed logic, one can literally have a defense for any kind of offense.
It is high time that we should start questioning our archaic patriarchal setup in our society which is the root cause for most of the problems. The patriarchal setup is the root cause behind the thinking through which men feel that they have some kind of privilege over women and it is OK to behave in certain ways. We have to raise red flags in this department and we should make them realize that it is your wrong thinking that is driving th crimes against the women, not their dressing sense.