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Manpreet Singh
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There is no iota of doubt that in the last 50 years or so, there has been a revolutionary change in the overall condition of women. From being treated as a private property of men to some of the powerful women like mother Teressa, princess Diana, we have seen all. But can the same be said about the ground reality that prevails in our lives?
Factually speaking, the position of the majority of women has not much changed despite witnessing many revolutions for their cause. They continue to be treated as household machines, there to do all the chores and breed children as if that is their only role in society. Outside their home to the position is not that rosy, they continue to be groped, harassed, and treated with discrimination by their male counterparts.
The root cause of the problem, I believe, lies in the fact that in our society, a lot of things regarding women which are desirable, have been normalized and we don’t seem to do anything about it or even care about it. We have to first realize to our citizens that we have to change our core beliefs which we have made regarding women. The patriarchal setup continues to breed this archaic thought that women are the property of men. This is the reason that when we ask to criminalize marital rape, a lot of clamors is raised in the society as if some kind of privilege is threatened.
Till we teach our children the right way to tret women, we cannot expect any positive change regarding the overall condition of women in society.