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Politics play an important role in any country’s growth may it be in terms of national origin, socio-economic background, ethnic groups, etc. Parliament consists of Lok Sabah with around 543 members and Rajya Sabha with approximately 250 members, but the proportion of women are not that equal between male and female, and we can see that there’s unequal distribution.
Proposal A, in my opinion, is valid, there should be a proportionate distribution of each gender, if male legislators can work efficiently then women too, can be that eligible and efficient in their work. However, when it comes to a woman in politics and their involvement in the real decision-making process, the power still lies with the men. There are some countries where now all are at par in politics too, but India somewhere lacks behind in proportionate distribution. Even though reservations are an important tool for more women in politics to enter the parliament, a positive enabling environment alive with gender equality in terms of access and opportunities, distribution of resources is equally important.
We have great examples of women in politics and parliament and other fields too like; Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Pratibha Patil, Jayalalitha Jayaram, Nirmala Sitharaman, etc. So, we have many great women achievers in this field. Countries like Spain, USA have a larger share of women in parliament. In India, we can see there a rise in women’s participation in elections. But there’s a need or can say that women should take initiative.
If a woman can handle each situation spontaneously then she can excel in this field too as we have really lived examples present within us. Parliament must bring change in their proportion and should consider women’s too eligible for politics. There’s a quote given by Elanor Roosevelt; “ Men get into politics to win elections Women get into politics to change the world .”