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anshika agarwal
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I never understand that why women needs a self defense learning in the society. Like men, women are also the part of the society, they are also human beings. So when, nothing is going to happen to men and they are safe and they don’t need to learn any self defense technique then why women needs it. Why they can’t walk safely at night without a pepper spray or any fear?
But when we see the bitter side of society we learn and know the importance of self defense among women. Self defense is basically a technique through which women can save themselves from major crimes happening to them which ruin their life completely. Self defense learning has become important for them. In today’s society women’s chilling and going out late at night has become difficult. It is treated as a bad behavior and unacceptable by the society. Why society everytime judges the women only?
Whenever we pickup our daily newspaper it is filled up with rapes, acid attacks on women. Rape cases are getting higher. Self defense learning should be start from schools for girls and it is treated as a subject. So they can save themselves from any mishappening. When they had learnt any self defense teachnique then they can use that very cleverly in bad situation. There should be coachings of self defense for girls in all remote areas as well as districts.
When a girl is small and going to school she has taught so many things to behave in the norms set by the so called society. She should wear proper clothes so that no boy can attract towards her cloth. Like seriously, a small girl can give invitation to the boys to do something wrong with her through her clothes. They are told not to have a friendly bonds with boys. Why? If she has more male friends then she can be rapped? Why girls live in the fear of getting raped by someone? What’s the mistake of the new born baby girl who has been rapped? She don’t know anybody in the society, she hadn’t weared short dresses, she hadn’t fight with everyone.
Men throws acid on a woman who is getting married. Why? Because she had rejected their proposals. Just a negligence of their proposal they don’t have any right to destroy her life. Even if she heals up with the things they are still impatient.
Even homes are not safe for girls, we had read so many cases in newspapers that their family members are raping the them. What should women do now? Where did they go to live?
In this patriarchy society man just wants woman to live at home, treat his family nicely, never argue on things and raise their children well. They don’t want a wife they want a slave who can just do whatever he wishes. When women argues their ego hurts and as a result of which she is beaten or burnt or thrown out of a house. The day women learn to give a tight slap on men’s face whenever they do anything wrong to them, they will be free.
Self defense should be a must technique girla should learnt it as a game and they should be raised so confident by the society so whenever a boy or someone does something wrong to them they can use their techniques very well and teach him a lesson. A single girls bravery set examples to many.