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Apoorva Pathak
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8th March is also observed as international working women’s day which indicates women empowerment key to gender equality. This fight for women’s empowerment has been a tough fight for a long time. And we have also seen many winners and many defeats in this tussle. If we look back into our past, we will find that many histories are registered in the names of women such as first lady ruler in India Razia sultana, queen Elizabeth, our first lady Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and more. And many have never got those opportunities to shine and persecuted every second.
Even after many fights in this 21st century, we are finding women reaching heights after fighting all the social demons. They are trying to establish their identity and also inspiring others. Internationally their many organizations are promoting women empowerment even on the grass-roots level. Empowerment doesn’t only mean having a job but also an individual identity. They are moulding the schemes according to ability and skills in which they are better.
If a woman is financially independent this patriarchal society opposes it in every form. Women empowerment is still a dream as a society still have the feeling of inferiority we all have seen that in our day to day life many cases of abuse in higher societies also in workplaces causes not only physical harm but also social and mental. This attitude is an evil that has made feelings of non-safety even after they are economically strong. This is some time utopian vision of the society which free from barriers against women after so many cases. But this vision can only change when society tries to lift the barrier and welcome with open hands women empowerment.