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Look what she is wearing it does not suit her? She shouldn’t wear this, she will look fatter? Why is she so skinny don’t she eat food? All these things women have to hear this every day. Totally wrong to judge women for their dress size. It’s not anybody business to body shame any women, it’s very easy to make fun, pass comments on women’s dress size but people should also think about what women go through by listening to all this, it can put women in trauma, she loses her self-confidence. There is a limit to the ignorance of such people but sometimes it’s very important for women to show them their limits. some women just keep suffering, every woman should end this by giving a nice reply, not only men but women only body shame other women, nobody is perfect everybody has their flaws, people how are insecure about themselves they always try to find loopholes in other. Women should wear by looking her size and figure, that is how people think and their mindset is. We have to change to this by wearing what we want.
I have also seen in some clothing stores they don’t have clothes in all sizes especially in the case of fat women, if she likes something she can wear because she does not have the perfect size for her, then women start blaming themselves for no reason. I think women start to be okay with how, they look, what they wear, what they eat instead of concentrating on people, this small change will bring big change in her life as well as in other people’s life. I have tried this and this has helped me a lot. We should complement every day ourselves, and also to other people they will very happy, instead of commenting on dress size.