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Women are made to do the house chores it does not matter is a housewife or working women her day start right from cleaning to making food, doing laundry to washing utensils, making breakfast for the family, it’s her daily work, she has to do all these work on daily, after completing this work she can go to work. If she does not do this work, she will have to listen to taunts, criticism for not doing it, family will make women feel like she is selfish and does care about anyone in typical Indian family women had to go through this a lot. If a woman does not know how to cook her future is in difficulty that’s what our Indian society believes, girls are expected to start doing household chores to learn everything properly, some mother forcefully asks their daughter to do the work. Some people think women are maids who have to be 24×7 on their service.

It will be a lot better if boys at their early age taught how to do basic household work, we all believe in equality so why only women have to do the work why can’t expected to do, just because they are men. We have to change this mindset and its women fault who do not teach their child to do any work, it becomes a habit for them before marriage men mother will after marriage his wife will do no difficulty,
Men and women both need to divide their household chores, if women are doing cooking then men will wash utensils, by doing this there will be no burden on the women and they both can be happy to manage. But this effort should be taken by men. We have to change to see the change.