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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Yes it is true that gender pay gaps exist .Sadly there are still asian countries like India and China where women are paid less even though they dedicate equal time or even more time to work.Not only in corporate world but even in entertainment industry its common topic that actresses are paid less than an actor because it is believed that they only are their because of their beauty overlooking their hard work.
We have all witnessed how remarkable women are performing in every field and this hurts their ego and thus there have been cases where productivity of women is ignored or presented less and thus suppressing and harassing them in the workplace to the point of forcing them to leave. Women are also not appointed to senior positions easily.
Many a times it is assumed foolishly that women can’t be efficient at working especially the jobs that include more lifting or physical energy. Today where women are climbing to heights and even reaching space there is still a world where women are not considered to be professional.
Next reason for the gender pay gap is low qualifications. As we know educating a girl has always been a pain in the gut of Indian families and now many families just for sake of getting a graduation don’t find it reasonable to spend on education of girls and thus girls opt for fields which have less scope.
Next important reason is women are expected to manage both the house and children and thus most women opt for part time jobs or look for a job with flexible work timings which are mostly jobs where pay is less. This problem could sort out if men share responsibility at home too.
The next thing is that government should take responsibility to avoid such scenarios as country like USA and many more have laws that clearly states for equal pay for men and women.