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We all talk to development, but we have forgotten that there is such a part of the society that we all have never seen till date or which we have overlooked even after seeing . Mensuration education is very important in a country like India .People in India believe that if Mensuration is a big disaster it becomes even better. Even today, two old customs are going on. Like a girl facing period time her clothes and utensils is all set aside, she does not have to come to the temple in the kitchen at all, even if someone touches that Women or girl and they have to purify oneself .
When a girl’s period begins for the first time, her mother and family members make her silent by saying that it is not good not to tell anyone. It is settled in the mind of a girl while listening from childhood that periods is not a good thing, it is a sin that we have committed and we have to hide from other’s. Even if we ever see a red spot behind a girl, then we start making fun of her, we forget that there is no fault of that girl in this, it is a natural process which no one can Stop. People do not know what think about period , that is why, for the first time when a girl face it , she does not get proper education and supervision.
Girl should know everything about period. Many times girls do not have the right knowledge about the periods, that’s why she use the wrong pads, many people do not even use the pads, instead of that, they set a cloth or ashes, which is absolutely wrong for their health for their hygiene. Also, it can affect their vagina in a wrong way, she can also face different types of infections. A girl should know that she has to change her pad three to four times a day at the time of her periods or more than that .Many girls face many problems during their periods, such as backache, stomach pain, legs pain, dizziness, overflow of blood. For this, one tries home remedies or eats medicines like pain killer which is not right at all, even a doctor will not allow it, people do not have any awareness about this, that is why later on during pregnancy they will face many problems .For girls who go through a regular period problem, there is also a right treatment for this , but many times the family members do not look at their words saying that this is happens in starting stage , once married it will be all right .
So ,a girl should know how to deal with everything during this time, when it is bad, then its medicines are to be taken, what treatment is to be done, which pad to use, which should not be done when more health is bad and what to do on the problem of leakage, what to do if the stomach pain gets worse during the period or if there is some other problem due pad or other thing. A girl will have to understand that the periods is not a very big thing, it is an usual thing that happens to every girl, due to which this world continues till today. So “ Mensuration education is very necessary “