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As we all know in this modern era , every 2nd women of India is working at this moment when she married and have children age faces a great responsibility even many women leave her job for the welfare and shake of the society . But those who does not leave work ,they have many responsibilities, have to focus on work as well as see her child . In such a situation, many women Hires a maid . Many times women are unable to concentrate at home due to work in the office , because of which they are always worried about raising their child . Apart from the work and raising children, there is a lot of pressure on her , the family members call them. The society says that leaving such a small child , she is working . A woman has to give time to both , her child and her work. She hope that her husband understands her and helps her. Many times this happens, many times they do not accompany their wife . A man supported then it is right, but if it does not happen, then the woman is always worried about the future of the child. If the man is with the woman, then the woman also feels that yes the child is in a safe hands, the future of the children will be good. And why not a woman is worried, in today’s society we have seen how badly children are being treated and how the children are deteriorating. Now-a-days children get trapped in the hands of wrong people due to social media. A women is always worried about all these things .That is why a woman always try to give her children high education and good values and focus on their development . Nowadays we all know that any other sources of education have come, apart from school and tuition. With the help of these sources , she would be able to focus on her children’s studies as well as her work. Also, she can get update of her children’s education from anywhere.
Children are very careless about money, they feel that they come from anywhere they don’t value them . And many children have the perception that women are off to do housework and men to earn money and they keep this rule in force and never let their future wife work and neither The next generation is ahead of him. But when a woman works, the children also have the right beliefs, they move in the right direction. A working woman always teaches her children that they should always become independent and should not do any work with dependence on anyone else. Seeing their mother working in this way, they also got an inspiration and help her mother, they should focus on her studies, nor should there be any useless thing. Seeing your mother working, there is a maturity in the children, good value goes. We have to see how lazy the children have become these days. They do not like to work.
A woman’s work will never spoil the future of her children, even here, she inspires her children to move in the right direction. So a woman’s work is good for her child’s future . We all should support her and help her .It is not always necessary for a woman to leave her dreams for her future for her children, that child is not her alone. A man should also pay attention to his children. We should not always expect only from a woman. She also has some dreams, she also has some desires .