Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Menstrual education is necessary because girls are hitting puberty at a very young age. It is necessary to abolish the superstitions and stigma attached to it. A study shows that 71% of adolescent girls in India do not know what menstruation is until they get it for their first time. In some parts of India, women live in separate huts when they are menstruating. Many institutions state women “impure” during that time of the month. They aren’t allowed to enter the kitchen or visit temples. Society needs to accept menstruation is natural and normal. It is necessary so that people change the way they view menstruation entirely and we don’t need to use code words to address it. Young girls across the country require basic knowledge regarding menstrual hygiene and the various menstrual disorders. They need to know the different kinds of experience different people have. It is necessary to recognise the pain and obstacles of women due to this and make the world a better place for them. Many theories state that male-dominated societies used menstrual taboos to subjugate women which restricts them from various opportunities. In various parts of the world, there are celebrations after a girl gets her first period but it’s usually a celebration of fertility and not an acceptance of menstruation.
Introducing menstrual education in the curriculum will not only help young women understand their bodies better but also motivate boys to understand and take care of their fellow mates who menstruate. This is needed so that we can talk about periods openly, not have any shame in asking the male members of the family to buy us pads. The students can further educate their families and spread awareness. If we start talking about this now it will build a nation that associates menstruation with strength and not shame.