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In the situation of this Pandemic , we all are stuck at home .We feel homesick but a women always stay at home and cook food . When all the restaurants are closed, we keep asking the women to make something at home. We all sit and eat food, have chips, watch TV and the series, but think about that woman once .We make them work . We forget that the holidays are ours, our work is closed, but for the woman, every day is the same, for her, nothing was changed . She has to wake up in morning , make tea for everyone, to cook, to do all the other work of the house, to do laundry, to do all the work of the day, to make dinner, to make tea. Have you ever thought that you are able to do your work properly by sitting at home, you were able to study well from home, due to which this woman, who do all work , without stopping .
In this pandemic , we are all going through some problem, but the real problem is in front of a woman’s. Specially for working women .With her office, she now has to watch the housework as well, a man and children have to see only their official work, but a woman has to see her home and children as well and send office work with less time . We all know how much the office workers have come and increased the work, now people have to do 10 to 5 full work, in spite of them they are being forced to work overtime, think of a woman, everyone got up to work in the morning. After that, she watches her office work and then watches her housework too, finishes work in the office for the next day and gets up early in the morning . We all know that at this time, every kind of precaution is necessary for all of us. Drinking hot water does not eat food that is bad for our health, if someone is ill, then take care of it and it is all a woman does. Not only that, those women who are nurse or inspector are not discharged from their work for months and months, they cannot go home, cannot meet their children and other family member.
In India, the National Commission for Women received over 123 complaints of domestic violence and 370 calls between March 4th to 23rd .The pandemic has already derailed careers and dried up opportunities, and it will likely make it harder for women to re-join the workforce . WHO and the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (MOWECP) has announced comic and Illustration Competition. The competition, supported by the Government of Japan, highlights the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of women and girls in Indonesia .Total, 372 artworks were received from across the country, each portraying the participants of women in COVIDE -19 SITUATION . Some of the comments :- “The inspiration behind my drawing ‘Women Head of the Household’ is my mom who is a single parent, taking the role as a mother and the head of family,” said Lidya Permata ………Sari, a fresh university graduate and the winner among the 15-24 years category. “Women’s important roles at home and in the communities is a topic that is important to me. As a female illustrator, visualizing the reality faced by women is a way to support them as they are playing a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic.”……. these are the few comments of the people in that competition .
A woman has played a very important role in this pandemic situation . We all should realise her importance and respect her .