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Women Exploitation in Modern Society – As soon as I here this phrase all that comes to my mind is Female Infanticide, Child abusement, Sexual harassment, Dowry Demand, Domestic Violence and Acid Cases.
Why are women pushed into these issues in this society? Though the society is modernized, the problems the women face has not changed.Firstly, the reason behind these issues is that the society we live points out the girl for the problem she faces though the cause behind it is a man. Why are men not accused? I admit people do make mistakes at times. No one can be 100% perfect here. All we have to focus on is the progress we make. But a women is always expected to be perfect and flawless. No one say that it is okay to make errors and they can rectify it. Instead many connect the mistake with her gender and criticize it. They also say Women of this modern society are allowed to study, work, and follow their dreams and passion. But why are women allowed to? The society does not have any rights to allow them or give freedom to them. Every woman is set free already from the day she is born as like each and everyone in this society. Though the society is modernized and developed, we still face rapes and abuse and people blame her dressing. How come rapes and abuses get linked to the outfit she wears? It is the duty of the society to bring in the good deeds and wipe out the bad ones I believe. But they let the bad minded people wander free and wind up trying to alter the girl’s outfit. From six to sixty, every female is being targeted. Though the law give women the rights, it is the people’s narrow mindedness that still points the women. Every women deserves an equal place in this planet as like every other human being. When everyone in the society get on with this, womenhood’s struggle make way to shine, achieve great heights and share happiness all the globe. The only solution to these issues is, we the present generation, should sow the right ideas in the minds of the future generation. Teaching the next generation girls to follow their own path and teaching the boys to treat girls equally can change the present phase. Eagerly waiting to witness the world without any cases of rapes, acid attacks, dowry issues, female infanticides, child abuses and harassments.