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Ananya Sharma
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Exploitation of women in the Modern Society:

Women in modern society are praised for their self-sacrificing nature, physical and mental endurance as a way to wane their inequitable access to resources.
Exploitation is the act of selfishly taking advantage of someone. It is an act carried out to take advantage of the victim’s situation and use it for personal benefit. It is an act through which inequality is justified. Inequality is carried out against almost half of the population in the world.
The year is 2021 and women are still not thought equal enough to be given education, shares in the property, a chance to be able to choose who their partner will be, allowed to have a job in almost every corner of the world.
Of the six main types of human exploitation, women suffer through most of them on day to day basis.
Sexual exploitation eroticizes women’s inequality to do almost anything. It objectifies them and hypersexualizes them into being a favored puppet that has no say inanything except what is expected of them. These expectations are forced coercions set by the patriarchal system every social group is a part of.
As a girl, devoid of any relationship, a woman will be exploited simply because she is a girl, bearing certain child-bearing organs that fulfill the erotic fantasies of men.
As a daughter, she will be exploited on the fact that she could not be born a boy and is now a financial burden and hence should be taught chores that will remove a need for any help.
As a wife, she will either be exploited because she a product of child marriage, an arranged marriage, or contractual relationships, inciting exploitations through the right to fulfill sexual needs, take the bloodline forward, come bearing hefty dowry, and act as a maid for the house.
As a mother, she will be exploited by tasks she has to fulfill, just because she is a mother and has a child that needs her constant care. She will be required to put her needs before the child’s and take care of them without the restrictions of time of the day. Like this picture of a mother that has been making rounds on social media, she is seen cooking and being praised in the act labeling her deed as ‘mother’s love’ when she is on oxygen support!
In workplaces, she will be exploited by not being given equal pay or posts however much diligently she may work. She will be intimidated by the hostile and humiliating environment of the workplace. She will also have to experience various unwelcome forms of sexual conduct, insinuations, and comments. And to top it off a plethora of unwanted physical contact, that can amount to an assault.
A woman faces all of these at once or at least one of these on a day-to-day basis.
There is nothing that can be done to make this right except to teach entire generations after generations that acts like these are unwarranted an act of exploitation that they as humans should not be bestowing on anyone.