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When a woman is pregnant. she goes through millions of emotion and by that time a good relationship would have formed between her and that unborn child. For a woman, her child is everything .He has many dreams for his upcoming child and makes many expectations from that child. But when she is forced to abort her child , that time is very painful for her. All her dreams end with this child .And all this just for the satisfaction of the family.
It should only be the decision of the women whether to have that child or not. Because that child is a part of his own body .So till the time of birth, that woman has the right to her child. No one has the right to force her to abort her baby. Many times it happens that the woman herself want to abort that child but there is always a valid reason behind that may be she might not be ready for that child , or might be She is un- married and is not ready to face the society , or She may be carrying a rapist child , which reminds her of that painful time all the time . She does not harm her child without reason. But in the way of cases , a woman has to drop the child without her permission and the doctor hides it too. And most of the cases the reason behind abortion is a girl child . Family don’t want a girl child and for their satisfaction , they also kills that little life. But gave them this right to take all this decision . How they don’t think about mother , her feelings .In India in 74% abortion cases family forced . According to law even woman has to sign that paper that she want to about her child .
It is the right of a woman whether she wants to keep her child or not .And we should encourage all those women who raised their voice against this injustice and they are going against their family and society and saving that little life . Women should fight for their rights, not abort her baby.