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Gayatri Somvanshi
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MTP i.e. medical termination of pregnancy also called as abortion against woman’s will is definitely not a good thing or even not letting woman abort the child and forcing a woman to bear the child too is not good thing.
MTP is mostly suggested only when there can be problem with the child and when the pregnancy can threaten lives of both mother and the child .MTP can also be requested when the pregnancy is because of rape and victim dont want yhe child
And also unwanted pregnancies .
When requesting an abortion main and most important aspect is consent of woman.
There have always been two cases under this topic and the core purpose is to let people understand that consent of women is key in this topic .
The very first case is when a woman is dissed and not allowed to abort the child. They are expected to bear children, keeping aside their career,choices etc.
We all know all the events of pregnancy will be faced by the woman herself and her body. If she is not ready then why is she forced to maintain pregnancy? In many cases just for boys, women are forced to bear the child.
Now lets see the other side where a woman is forced to abort the child. We have all known that in majority cases woman is forced to request abortion because of the gender of child.This promotes nothing but increasing number of female foeticide. Next scenario is where men want to fulfill their so-called lusts and don’t want to use condoms but …. But…. They are also not ready for children. This results in women taking birth control pills which harm their body . Often such cases are seen between unmarried couples.
Thus in both the scenarios woman has to always compromise and our society just don’t care whether she is ready or not.