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We are in the 21st century but after so many years of independence, where girls cannot say they are free to live. Because we can still see in the news and read in newspapers girls are being raped and assaulted.
Even some girls are not free in their home in lockdown there were so many cases where girls is raped by their family members and they are helpless, also beaten up. Why girls always have asked their family members before making any choice for her if they want to pursue something in a career she is forced to get married and then she has to ask her husband before doing anything thing. If this is the definition of freedom then sorry we are still caged somewhere. Girls are not free to wear what they want also they have to come home before sunset so many restrictions in comparison to their no restrictions on them. But in developed cities in India has seen there some freedom to some extent because people are educated and they know how to behave also the police are present in the nighttime. There are this will only change when their government will directly give death punishment to rapists and when families will try to become open-minded. When people will start to respect girls and try to motivate girls in following their when there would be the equal treatment given to girls. That day every Indian girl will proudly say that I live in freely in my country.