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Female foeticide in India has a head spanning history. Killing your child, just because she will not be a boy, she can’t accomplish those dreams which you wanted to fulfill, she has to be in boundaries which you and your society’s crazy mentality justified! How much cruel can you be.
Ok wait, of course this is not the only cause.
Poverty, the dowry system, births to unmarried women, deformed infants, famine, lack of support services and maternal illnesses such as postpartum depression are among the causes too.
But the suggested reasons for high birth sex ratio include regional female foeticide regardless of income or poverty because of patrilineal culture,smaller family size and selective stopping of family size once a male is born. Although infanticide has been criminalised in India, it remains an under-reported crime due to the lack of reliable data.
As a result, unfavorable sex- ratio comes out, which makes a Demographic crisis will result as a rise in sexual violence and child abuse as well as wife-sharing.
Whether we shoutout to women empowerment or gender equality, we are not even safe before birth! Government must take strict measures to stop these as well as women should save herself too. There’s many NGOS who are helping such mother’s. If we want to save our women, there’s no other way than saving ourselves. Help each other , save girl children, ban those practice , end gender discrimination.