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If we are talking about the self defense, it can be declared as the most needed to apply for whatever we’re trying to make women empowerment, gender equality, making their way in every job and so on.
In a January 2018 survey of 1,000 women nationwide, 81 percent reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment, assault, or both in their lifetime.
Verbal harassment was the most common form, but 51 percent of women said they were touched or groped in an unwelcome way, while 27 percent of women survived sexual assault.
These are some horrible experience we often met. But without even these, because, there’s always a stigma running through our minds that we, women are weak, it creates self disappointment.
Whenever we try to walk on some lone path, we have to be worried about some rapist behind the bushes. It’s not only a crime anymore, it has become a crisis, a fear which don’t let women choose their path, whether it is a lone way or a different field of life.
Over 60% cases don’t even registered. Why? Because , we accept ourselves as weak. We are worried about family and further time when we’ll walk alone.
By certifying women self defense compulsory , we don’t only put up a wall against crime, we’re keeping our girls mentally strong that there’s no need to be afraid and be silent.
Ok, just let go of outside,a study has proven that over 93% of rapists are from our known circle. To the wisest of all, who claims that women should not go outside, can you answer these questions? What was fault of that little girl who adores you as her uncle?

It’ has been so necessary that if you ask my opinion, I’ll want to make it compulsory not only in school or college, but we should keep it in practice just like teaching manners. Until we, women make ourselves strong, nobody is gonna appreciate us and that’s the way our society is.
From now on, we should teach our child to slap on his face without worrying by making them believe in themselves. Make yourself strong, choose any choice you want to, influence others and that’s how our society will grow.