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From the ancient world to recent society, we don’t want to consider women in leadership. If somehow it would be possible for a woman to make her that way, it occurred impulsively that everyone is mocking her, judging her from her background,lacking faith, exclaiming about fewer faults she had. Overall we can’t accept our women in leadership. And when it’s asked why women can’t succeed in it, after all, it’s modern era for our women and they are surpassing every field of job, from household to astronomers, then why they can’t be leaders? Nobody has a single rightful answer. Some give reasons like women psychology and physical issues , while others just can’t accept it to get order from a woman. How strange, isn’t it!
Leadership is a morality to work out an organization or a country, and according to me, anyone who has the ability to influence and encourage people to work towards realization of goals, can make a leader.
So this choice should be made based on quality, not gender discrimination. Even research says that women are more likely to become a good leader as most of them have transformational leadership style, work focused nature, can easily evolve into communication and collaboration. So there’s a lot of specialization among women to imply that and they deserve to be as in this modern era, while women are struggling hard to get over from our society’s backdated implementations, we obviously need female leaders , not only in business and management but also in political ways as there has to be someone to talk along side, to think and consider women empowerment and gender equality as a reality.
So, last but not the least, if we’re thinking about woman empowerment, we must open all the grounds to them. We may reserve seats in politics or some other influencer organization to make our girls believe that they too can dream of a society where men are women can walk side by side, whatever duty they have to perform.
woman leadership will lead to a much vital future for our nation.